Simplified Piano

Five Finger

This is the easiest level for popular piano music, correlating to early elementary and elementary levels. All five finger pieces have been arranged with the melody split between the hands. Starting hand positions are illustrated above the student part and key signatures are avoided. Shifts in hand position are noted for easy identification. Simple rhythms predominate, and dotted quarter-notes, triplets, and sixteenth-notes are not used. Optional duet accompaniments are included for a fuller musical experience.

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Big Note

Big Note collections correlate to late elementary and early intermediate levels and are generally easier than the standard Easy Piano format. Rhythms are simplified, avoiding sixteenth-notes when possible, and helpful fingerings, phrasing, and pedal indications are added. Lyrics and chord symbols are included when appropriate. Keys with more than three sharps or flats are avoided.

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Easy Piano

Easy Piano arrangements of popular music correlate to the intermediate and late intermediate levels and are a step below the Piano Solos and Piano/Vocal/Chords versions. Lyrics and chord symbols are included when appropriate, along with fingerings, phrasing, and pedal indications. Keys with more than three sharps or flats are avoided.

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Dan Coates

Alfred Author-Dan Coates

Since 1976, Dan Coates has composed and arranged thousands of popular piano titles. Well-known composers and artists such as John Williams, Burt Bacharach and Elton John have expressed total faith in his arrangements. Dan's unique talent to create playable arrangements from popular titles has gained international acclaim.

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Tom Gerou

Alfred Author-Tom Gerou

Alfred's Vice President of Production, Tom Gerou is a well-known composer of educational piano titles. Mr. Gerou received his Bachelor of Music degree in composition from the University of Southern California and his Master of Music degree in composition from Yale University.

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Carol Matz

Alfred Author-Carol Matz

Carol Matz, an Alfred Keyboard Editor, also maintains an independent piano studio. At the University of Miami, she studied composition, arranging and orchestration, with an emphasis on studio and jazz writing. Her background as a studio musician contributes to her strength as a composer and arranger.

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Carol Tornquist

Alfred Author-Carol Tornquist

Carol Tornquist has arranged and compiled numerous piano collections for most of the leading Christian music publishers. Carol has co-written several children’s musicals and has created musical product for Guideposts magazine. She recently arranged several songs for Ronnie Milsap’s first gospel recording.

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