Reinventing Tradition
For generations, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has been a staple in guitar education. Since 1956, it has introduced over 5 million students to the joy of playing the guitar. With updated video lessons, TNT 2 software, and cloud content, we've made it more convenient than ever to teach today's guitar students.

What's New?
  • Updated video lessons—for students, it's the next best thing to having a teacher present.
  • TNT 2 software that lets teachers and students customize play-along tracks to individual needs.
  • Cloud content with correlating media that can be streamed or downloaded for easy practice on-the-go.
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What's Worked for Over a Half-Century?
A solid foundation in musicianship. Each new concept is introduced in a careful manner that ensures there are no confusing and frustrating gaps in your students' progress. Alfred's Basic Guitar Method offers a complete course for teaching guitar that includes correlating pop, theory, and chord books to enhance your students' learning experience.

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